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Ventilation systems and boxpallets to the storage


MANUFACTURER ventilation systems and boxpallets to the storage


20 years of experience

in wood processing, constructing, production and montage of ventilation systems for the storage of agricultural products

complex solutions

Our company are able to provide you with complex solutions in terms of storage

Door to door

We can also provide our clients with the supply door to door. and. The ordered goods are delivered from our factory to the address given by the clients.

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Our experience provide us to perform services at competitive prices

High quality of products

First of all, we focus on attention to detail and professionalism and safety.

Everything ready on time

Our priority is the timeliness and the discharge at the time of referral orders


We can offer ventilation walls for keeping crops such as potatoes or onion

We can offer ventilation walls for keeping crops such as potatoes or onion. Regardless of keeping the products in boxes or in bulk we can find the best solution for you. All the elements of ventilation walls are made of four-planed pinewood or sprucewood with rounded edges. It decreases the risk of mechanical damages of the system and it provides long term trouble-free work. The outer layer of the wall consists of waterproof plywood which is made of wood from broadleaved trees and is covered both sides with phenolic film 120g/m2. Depending on the product the wall is upholdstered with a board with a thickness from 9 to 18mm. All the materials used for linking and those for montage are of the highest quality and all of them are galvanized what is very important for keeping products. Emphasis on safety of object users is very important for Wood-Empire. Each ventilation system is equipped with safety barriers. Ladders used for communication between different storeys of the system are equipped with comfortable handrails.